Ready to put the ‘lifestyle’ back in your lifestyle business?




Way too many business owners are doing crazy hours, working their guts out with clients, and yet barely making ends meet. They’re itching to make a bigger impact on the world, and to claw back some time for themselves, but it’s just not happening. Instead, they end up feeling swamped, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

Sound familiar?

Let me tell you, IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE THIS WAY!



Launching your first five-figure eCourse using a proven formula that’ll have you primed for success

That’s what the eCourse Launch Formula is all about. It’s a complete step-by-step process to help passionate and creative entrepreneurs leverage their time and skills, create a global impact and finally start living the lifestyle that made them set up their own business in the first place. Which means…

  • You DON’T need to keep watching other entrepreneurs launch amazingly successful eCourses (while secretly feeling jealous and inadequate!).
  • You CAN create unlimited earning potential and break through that income plateau.
  • And you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got someone with PROVEN RESULTS to show you how to do it and support you every step of the way!



eCourses transformed my business to permanent 6-figures.


I’m Kathryn, and I’m a Business Coach, Passive Income Strategist and Qualified Trainer.

In 2011, I decided to quit my high-flying corporate job – and the six-figure salary that went with it – in order to focus full-time on following my business dream. In just over 12 months, I successfully replaced that income with six-figures earned from my own business – almost all of it through eCourses.

But things were not always so rosy.

In the first six months of my business, when I was still madly working my corporate job, I only earned $600 and had invested over $10k.

I couldn’t see how I was EVER going to quit my 9-5 gig and earn a decent income – let alone six-figures. In fact, I was sure I was looking at 3-5 years before I could transition out of my day job and starting living my passion. And that felt like a PRISON SENTENCE in a job that was not inspiring me, and that demanded such long hours I barely saw my daughter and husband.

That is, until I started creating eCourses and other forms of passive income.

This one decision changed EVERYTHING.


goodtimesI now work from home and the majority of my income is from eCourses. I can take a holiday whenever I like, work with my baby daughter at home, and look after my four year old when she is sick… Or just take them both to the zoo because I feel like it!

Now, I earn money from passive income products while I sleep. In fact, over 85% of my business income is from eCourses. They are what enabled me to quit my corporate job and go full-time in my business.

On top of that, my time inputs are flexible to what suits my desired lifestyle. I can afford to outsource work that is not in my zone of genius and I have a virtual team supporting me every step of the way.

eCourses are my passion.

In my first year, I ran 5 eCourses in 9 months, and I still develop at least 1-2 new eCourses each year (prompting many colleagues to dub me the ‘eCourse queen’!).

In fact, I can’t stop my brain from thinking about how I can turn my knowledge, processes, and systems into tools that you can apply to your business, which is why the content in this course is continuously growing and evolving.

My clients and friends often ask me “how the hell do you do it?”

The truth is, I am highly organised and understand how to design, plan, launch and deliver eCourses seamlessly, using relatively cheap and simple platforms. And I‘ve developed a proven step-by-step formula that I would love to share with you, so that you too can start bringing your own bold visions to life.

I’ve been honoured to guide passionate entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe through this course. With hundreds of graduates – and a boatload of glowing testimonials – the eCourse Launch Formula has empowered them to achieve abundance and financial freedom for themselves!

So what will the E-Course Launch Formula do for you?

This course will show you how to create, launch and deliver your very own eCourse.

From coming up with a profitable course idea, to presenting your program like a pro (as well as all the steps in between), you’ll have everything you need to make money, launch successfully and bring your gifts to the world.

All of which means…

  • Increased freedom – no longer being chained to your appointment book or laptop gives you SO much more flexibility
  • Increased income – stepping out of the ‘hours for dollars’ paradigm means your potential income skyrockets, and…
  • Increased satisfaction – you get to focus on what YOU want, you get to work with your ideal customers, and you get to stay smack-bang in your zone of genius.


screenshot-3-51-01The passion Kathryn has for helping other entrepreneurs develop eCourses and take their business to the next level is infused into every page of copy and the attention to detail is second to none.

I would happily recommend any of Kathryn’s programs to other female entrepreneurs in my circles.

I am close to launching my first  eCourse: ‘Restore your Floor’-  A pelvic floor strengthening program for new mums and I credit Kathryn with helping me understand the intricacies of  developing a stellar offering to my tribe.

– Kim Paxton, Kim Paxton Pilates


Who is this course for?

The eCourse Launch Formula is for you if you want to…

  • Do it right the first time
  • Stop wasting time on endless research or trial and error
  • Get rid of overwhelm and get straight to the good stuff
  • Know the PRO tools and systems that will save you SO much time and effort
  • Use a proven formula that can be tailored to your business and audience
  • Experience high level support from an expert as you go through the process


It’s for passionate and action-oriented entrepreneurs who believe that with the right support they CAN do this. Plus, they’re ready to significantly invest in themselves to achieve a more flexible lifestyle and a ridiculously successful business.


screenshot-3-53-49In just the first week I sold over 50 places on my eCourse and have a growing community of excited participants taking part and eager to learn from my ideas.

– Louise Glendon, Click Love Grow



What can you expect?

I can save you hours and hours of time and provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to design and launch a high quality and profitable eCourse the first time (and every time after that!).

You don’t need a big list or social media following to do this – in fact, my formula includes a strategic list building process.

I support you the whole way through the process and you can go at your own pace, whether that takes you 10 weeks or 10 months. You can go through as many live rounds of the course as you like, and you have lifetime access to the membership site and its content.

Unlike many other courses on this topic, this course takes you through the entire life cycle of developing an eCourse – it’s truly a one-stop shop.

Delivered over 10 weeks, it includes a weekly video, workbook, worksheets, templates and step-by-step guides for you to adapt to your business.

There is also a private Facebook support forum to ask your questions as you go along and this is where I provide members-only resources and support all year round.

This is really more like a membership program, but without the ongoing fees! I create new resources each round based on your feedback and my learnings, which you get access to at no additional fee. You learn as I learn, and I am totally open with my launch strategies and results. 

I have invested many thousands of dollars and countless hours into making sure this course is the best of its kind in the market with a customised and easy to use membership site, an extremely generous amount of content and an unprecedented level of hands-on support in the forum.

In fact, my participants tell me what makes me stand apart is my passion about eCourses, the high quality of the content, my commitment to your success, and the incredible year-round support in the forum.

I become your eCourse coach, mentor, strategist, cheerleader and friend – and I’ll even help spread the word when you launch! 

screenshot-3-49-09The ongoing support that Kathryn provides in the Facebook forum is priceless. Having the group as a sounding board and a place to go for feedback, advice and tips is invaluable. Kathryn is really active in the group and provides help even after the course has finished- this lifetime access is awesome!

-Simone Samuels, the Wellness Warung 

Here's the low-down on this course

The eCourse Launch Formula is a 10-week online course that takes you through the entire process of creating and delivering a profitable eCourse. It’s based on a proven step-by-step formula for success, and is accompanied by year-round support via an exclusive Facebook forum and an active community of eCourse creators.

Module 0:Introduction

This is where we lay the groundwork for what’s to come. You’ll learn why passive income is so important, and how you can use eCourses to revolutionise your business.

Get ready to dive into:

  • The different types of passive income, how they can work for you, and why you need to shift from the ‘hours for dollars’ paradigm
  • The nuts and bolts of what makes up an eCourse
  • The lay of the eCourse land – how others are positioning, branding and marketing their eCourses (and some of my favourite eCourse sales pages)
  • The mindset stuff that’s holding you back. Ever felt like a fraud in your biz? We’re going to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb, so that you can launch like a boss and step up to your full income potential

Module 1: Idea Generation

We’ll kick off module 1 with my signature 3-step process to crafting a brilliant eCourse idea. This fool proof process will ensure you’re program is profitable, marketable and successful so that you can avoid the awful ‘crickets chirping’ of unsuccessful launches.

We’ll cover:

  • Generating ideas and sparks of brilliance (and how to make your final selection)
  • How to figure out what your audience really wants – even if they don’t know it yet
  • How to find your zone of genius so that you can ditch the stuff that doesn’t light you up
  • Getting (and staying) organised with the eCourse file system

Module 2: Design

How should you design your course content? How can you make sure you’re catering for all the different learning styles? How do you know which mode of delivery will be best for your audience?

We’ll be exploring the powerful answers to these potent questions, plus:

  • Getting clear on your course concept, learning objectives and the overall outcome. (Get this right, and you’ll turn your participants into raving fans and glowing graduates)
  • How to define your IDEAL PARTICIPANT. Ever struggled with ideal customer exercises before? This approach will give you the clarity and certainty you’ve been craving.
  • The secrets behind structuring your course content and designing activities to maximise learning – including a detailed list of the pros and cons of common delivery methods
  • Getting from ‘big picture’ to nitty-gritty – how to break down your vision into manageable chunks (including my favourite tools for mapping out your course)
  • How to actually WRITE your content, even if you’re not a writer
  • Why it’s so important to delight your participants (and not just during the course)
  • The ins and outs of sourcing and collaborating with contributors
  • My must-have resources, including a handy module planner and done-for-you contributor agreement.

Module 3: Brand

Successfully branding your eCourse is what will set you apart from the dime-a-dozen programs that are flooding the online market. It’s all about positioning yourself effectively and getting strategic about your approach.

As we dig into branding, we’ll cover:

  • How to set yourself up for success with goals and metrics
  • Developing a budget (including a super-useful cheat-sheet)
  • The big ‘P’ – PRICING. This is something that SO many entrepreneurs struggle with, yet it’s absolutely essential to get right.
  • Creating a brand strategy – your course’s look, feel, voice, vibe and positioning
  • The down-low on logos – everything you need to actually create your vision (plus the pros and cons of going DIY or designer)

Please note: This module is followed by a catch up & consolidation week, so you can start putting everything into practice.


Module 4: Launch

It’s all well and good to create an eCourse – but how do you actually sell it? From the insider secrets behind sales copy to the magic of SEO, this module is all about getting your product out there (and bringing the customers IN!).

We’ll explore:

  • Everything you’ve ever wondered about sales pages, including a step-by-step guide on all the must-have components and advice on tools (like LeadPages and Optimise Press)
  • The pros and cons of having your sales page and eCourse on your main business site
  • The non-sleazy secrets to motivate your customers to act (think: scarcity, urgency, guarantees, and kick-ass bonuses)
  • Creating your sales page: When to DIY and when to call in the pros (copywriters and designers) PLUS the analytics you need to tell if it’s working
  • SEO essentials, so that search engines can find your page and send you customers
  • How to set up automated payment and registration systems that put your eCourse on autopilot (including insider guides on Mailchimp, PayPal, e-junkie and Woo Commerce)


Module 5: Promote

When it comes to effectively promoting your course, it’s all about strategy. In this module, we cover the smart ways to maximise your enrolments, build your list, and sell out your eCourse.

We’ll be diving in to:

  • Why you need a free content strategy and how to make it work for you
  • Everything list building – what you need to do before your launch to grow your list
  • How to develop a launch strategy that engages your audience and maximises enrolments (including my go-to launch templates to take all the guess-work out of it)
  • How to promote to your list without sounding like a jerk (and thereby avoid the mass unsubscribes so many biz owners experience)
  • Effective webinars (why you need them, how to run them, and how to maximise conversions)
  • Facebook ads, affiliate programs, social media, press releases… The strategies, checklists, step-by-step guides and templates you need to do them RIGHT.
  • The all-important launch review: figuring out what worked, what didn’t, and how to knock it out of the park for next time

Please note: This module is followed by a catch up & consolidation week, so you can start putting everything into practice.


Module 6: Deliver & Delight

When it comes to delighting your customers, you only get one chance. That’s why you need to get it right the first time. This week is all about the big questions that can make or break your course.

We’ll dig deep into:

  • Which eCourse platform is right for you and your audience – the options and pros and cons so you don’t make expensive mistakes
  • How to automate your course and put it on autopilot (so that you’re not chained to the computer)
  • The BEST way to keep your course content secure, safe and protected
  • WishList Member – Fast track your learning curve with our complete guide to all the stuff you NEED to know about this membership tool that is the platform of choice of eCourse powerhouses such as Marie Forleo.
  • The importance of community – how to engage your participants and generate buzz
  • Trouble-shooting common eCourse problems and rookie mistakes



Module 7: Review

It’s not over just because you’re eCourse is finished! In this final week, we look at how to continuously review and improve your eCourse both whilst it is live and when it’s over. It’s all about setting yourself up for sustainability and longevity (CRUCIAL for an ongoing passive income stream).

We’ll cover:

  • Why reviewing your course is key for happy participants (and making money)
  • The fool proof way to survey your participants – including a done-for-you template – plus how to use the feedback
  • How to implement improvements (and avoid the common pitfalls)
  • How to get killer testimonials, capitalise on your cheer squad, and use that momentum for the next round

All the resources you could need!

Every module is accompanied by worksheets, templates and cheat-sheets to help you implement and action your learnings. You also get a checklist for every stage, to help you ditch the overwhelm and stay organised. (That’s more than 60+ resources in total!)


You’ll get a massive master-resource list, comprising 3 year’s worth of tools, tips and insider tidbits. Like a ‘little black book’ of eCourse secrets, this juicy list covers every aspect of creating, promoting and delivering eCourse you could ever need.


Graduation Bonus

graduationAfter graduating and completing the feedback survey, you’ll receive:

  • A master checklist of the entire process (so you never leave anything out)
  • A complete project plan for your eCourse from start to finish, to make launching a cinch




Bonus Training

bonusPlus you get the following bonus training videos:

  • Using Basecamp to manage your eCourse Launch
  • eCourse Design and Organisation tools
  • Guest Expert Training from Shae Baxter on optimising your sales page for search engines
  • Behind the Scenes Video Training – 3 different eCourse set-ups using WishList Member
  • The Secrets of a 5-figure eCourses Video Training Series – including choosing your eCourse idea, avoiding the common mistakes, having a 5-figure launch (even with a small list) and launching with confidence (even if you’re terrified)
  • Using Facebook Ads to sky-rocket your launch


PLUS more bonus training sessions are added every quarter!



screenshot-3-52-07It is a great way of turning your idea into a reality with all the tools you need. The course turns what seems overwhelming into something completely possible.

– Kim Simons, Running on Wellness

What do you get for your investment

Eight topics delivered weekly via videos, workbooks, templates and worksheets that you can go back to again and again. They’re all housed in our premium private membership site for you to download forever. This content will easily fill up a large lever arch binder. (Value: $2,000)

Additional resources for each module including articles, recommended books, blogs, videos, websites, tools and more allowing you to go deeper into the concepts in this program. (Value: $1,000)

Access to industry experts in branding, Mailchimp, publicity, copywriting, social media, Membership Sites & Infusionsoft and SEO with MORE guest expert training sessions to be announced. (Value: $2,500)

eCourse Launch Formula Facebook Group. You get Lifetime Membership to your very own TRIBE of entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you and have a wealth of information to share. In this group you can ask each other questions, find accountability partners, brainstorm ideas, test your eCourses out, share your discoveries, goals, and ‘a-ha’ moments! (Value? Priceless.)

Access to me in the forum to answer your questions about the content and tools and your eCourse strategy. I regularly share additional resources and advice EXCLUSIVELY in this group and provide support year round (yep, even when the course is not live). (Value: $2,000)

Lifetime membership to this eCourse. Which means after you’ve purchased, you can participate each time it is run and get access to all the new tools and resources. (Value: $1,000)

Momentum in your business that can only be achieved by participating in a life-changing business course of this type. You will be AMAZED at what you can achieve, the abundance you can create, and the incredible changes it will bring to your business and life. (Value? Priceless.)

PLUS a very special package delivered to you via Snail Mail to help you create your eCourse (Value $20 + Postage)

Total Value over $8,500 of priceless resources and expert access!


screenshot-3-54-01I thoroughly enjoyed the e-course launch formula. It is chock-full of great information and you took me step by step through the entire process. I’m putting the final touches on my first course and I’m so excited! Using the e-course launch formula has cut my time to launch considerably, and I’m so grateful.

– Julia Price McPherson, Innerspace Marketing


Your expert Trainers


Kathryn is the creator and main contributor to the eCourse Launch Formula. Dubbed the ‘eCourse queen’, Kathryn has successfully guided hundreds of people through her six eCourses.  As a business coach, qualified trainer, and the Director of, Kathryn leads the eCourse Launch Formula and runs an the Ultimate eCourse Mastermind each year.

Meg Appleby

Meg Appleby of Bloom Online is a web developer and MailChimp aficionado. She loves helping entrepreneurs build their business with beautiful & effective MailChimp email campaigns. Meg has provided some step-by-step MailChimp guides for this course.

Shae Baxter

Shae Baxter is a SEO trainer, blogger and writer and is the creator of the world’s first virtual SEO training course solely for creative women entrepreneurs at

Her mission is to create the best SEO + blogging training resources for women entrepreneurs on the planet and to inspire tens of thousands of women to spread their message far and wide using this powerful force that is Search Engine Optimization.

Shae has contributed a webinar training session on optimising your eCourse sales page for search engines.

Ellissa Jayne Nagle

Ellissa Jayne Nagle of Ellissa Jayne Creative is an expert in web design, development and branding. After crafting custom websites for close to a decade, Ellissa’s zone of genius is honing in on the essence behind a business and translating it into kick-ass online spaces that ooze professionalism and personality. With her emphasis on innovation, authenticity and alignment, Ellissa has a reputation for taking online brands from lacklustre beginnings to sky-high results.

Ellissa will be contributing a workbook on branding your eCourse.

Jessica Larsen

Jessica Larsen is a wordsmith, creative strategist and full-blown word-nerd. Her blog — Hello Wordsmith — is devoted to helping heart-centred women live a fully realised creative life and make their ideas happen. Jess has worked with numerous amazing ladies from across the interwebs, helping them build their empires, spread their message and bring their visions to life.

Jessica is contributing some resources on copywriting for your eCourse.

Jenny Hassam

Jenny has 15 years’ experience in marketing and communications management roles across the UK, Europe and Australia, specialising in public relations. In 2013, she set up her own boutique PR agency, Rhetoric Communications, offering publicity and PR services and advice to entrepreneurs. The agency consistently gains clients TV interviews and national syndicated coverage in the media including SMH, Sky News, The Australian and Women’s Weekly.

Jenny is contributing resources on gaining publicity for your eCourse.

Bianca Van Meeuwen

Bianca van Meeuwen is a marketing & social media coach, addict, expert and educator. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners who are passionate about their businesses do more with marketing & social media. She is the creator of the Ostrich Guide to Social Media, the ultimate step-by-step DIY guide to using social media in your business, and founder of the Have it All Academy.

Bianca is providing resources on creating a social media strategy for your eCourse.

Sheryl Burwell
Sheryl Burwell is a membership site and infusionsoft technical specialist. Her work as a technical support agent, QA analyst and, ultimately, Senior Trainer for one of the leading contact centres with clients in the web, computer hardware and software industries has honed her technical and troubleshooting skills. She is a self-confessed geek, she loves everything to do with Infusionsoft automation and troubleshooting websites.
Sheryl will be providing weekly Tech Power Hours in the forum answering all questions membership site, infusionsoft and launch systems and technologies related.


kristyThis course has really helped me to precisely plan and focus on what I can deliver as an eCourse. The modules are designed in a coherent and logical way and really guide the user to develop their ideas and think about what and how they can deliver an eCourse.

This course exceeded my expectations. The detail in the workbooks was exceptional. I also loved the structure of the course and the way it was designed to encourage the participant to think critically about the design of their own eCourse and their ideal customer avatar.

I feel very confident to now design, develop, launch and deliver an eCourse. I feel like I have thoroughly planned my proposed course and I am now ready to develop it and deliver it.

– Kristy Goodwin, Every Chance to Learn


This is a Premium course and has a price to match

multiple devices sml

  • This course has more content, more tools, more templates, more step-by-step guides and more technical help than ANY OTHER COURSE of this type on the market.
  • It is delivered through a custom-designed premium membership site.
  • It has an almost unheard of level of hands-on guidance. I am in the forum every week for the duration of the course (and beyond), answering your questions (this kind of access and support is invaluable).
  • It is continually being updated and enhanced. I am vigilant in investing in the best systems, tools and further training (such as masterminds with 7-figure entrepreneurs) so that this course is always relevant and up-to-date – I review and improve this course and bring on new experts each and every round.
  • I know that eCourses are as close to a silver bullet for your business as you are going to get. You CAN have a business that earns you money while you sleep and gives you the freedom to live life on your terms – that’s worth paying for, right?
  • I want you to value this course and implement what you learn – I know from experience that making a significant investment is very good motivation!
  • You get all the benefits of working with me – my BEST tools, strategies and advice – without my hourly rate! The course fee is insignificant compared to what working with me 1:1 would cost.
  • You WILL get return on investment in your first round of your new eCourse if you do the work


So what are you waiting for? 


Are you ready to change your business – and your life – forever?

Sign up now and start creating your own signature eCourse!


Limited Early Sign-up Bonus's

Limited-bonusesIf you are the first person to sign up, you’ll receive a FREE Course Outline Review or Sales Page Review (your choice!) from me, Kathryn Hocking (Valued at $499).

If you are the second person to sign-up you will receive a 60min brand (re)alignment session with branding guru Ellissa Jayne. Ellissa will review your main business and planned eCourse brand and provide you with an overall strategy to create an effective and memorable eCourse brand (Valued at $497)

If you are the third person to sign-up you will receive a PR Pro Package with Jenny Hassam of Rhetoric Communications  including a 1 hour publicity coaching and strategy session for your eCourse launch (valued at $499)

If you are the fourth person to sign-up you will receive a Sales Page Review from my copywriter Jess Larsen of Hello Wordsmith (Valued at $399)

If you are the fifth person to sign-up you will receive access to Bianca Van Meeuwen’s Have it All online Academy including the Ostrich Guide to Social Media (valued at $397)

*these bonuses are valid for six months from the start of the course round.




The eCourse Launch Formula is currently closed for enrollment until September 2015

This course will not run LIVE again until late 2015.

melanieI loved that even though I have gained a lot of knowledge in having a blog and business, have gone through Marie Forleo’s B-School, and have actually created one eCourse before, there was still so much to learn and implement.  –

– Mel Christner, Honest Body





Your Happiness Guarantee

If you work through the first few modules and are not totally happy with this course, then I will refund your money (minus a 10% admin fee to cover course administration and the cost and postage of your free gift).

I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this course and know that if you commit to doing the work and taking action and allow the forum to support you, that you will be able to launch your profitable eCourse. I know that you will feel totally supported and encouraged in this course and will graduate feeling confident, focused and have a plan of action to launch your profitable eCourse into the world.

I know that you can achieve return on investment and much, much more if you do the work and learn from me in this course.

I have enrolled hundreds people in this eCourse to date and many hundreds more in my other eCourses.

Please note change of mind refunds before the course starts will not be provided – you must demonstrate that you have participated in the course before requesting a refund.

Refunds must be requested in writing to within 30 days of the course starting to be eligible.


circular-image-bargain-mumsI would tell people that if they would like to make a passive income, this is the way to do it.  Before this course I had no idea where to start in designing an eCourse, even though I already had an idea in mind.  I love the way the course takes you through step by step the stages of designing an eCourse. – Jasmine Boothey, Bargain Mums


Will I really be able to design and launch my own eCourse ?
How do I know if I am ready to work with you?
What kind of people get the best results working with you?
What kind of results can I expect?
How is this eCourse Different from other eCourse programs?
This sounds perfect for me but I am worried I will fall behind as the timing is not quite right...
I am not very technical, will I be able to do this course?
Your course is based on the WordPress platform - what if I am using another platform?
I don't have an idea for an eCourse yet, is that OK?
I don't have a list or social media following, is that OK?
How much time do I need to commit each week and how quickly can I expect results?
Will I get personalised advice from you?
When do registrations close?
What happens when I pay and enroll?
What if I am not satisfied - do you offer refunds?
Are there any restrictions on who can enroll ?


Want to ask some questions?

I make myself available during the launch period to answer all your questions via email so that you can feel 100% sure this is a good investment for your business and future lifestyle. So don’t hesitate to drop me a line and ask away!

circular-images-mi1-727 (1)I loved doing Kathryn’s e-course and without it I would not have completed my eCourse ‘Productivity School’. The support was really good, the way she provided videos, written guides and even a Facebook group to interact with was awesome. If you are even considering writing an e-course I recommend that you do Kathryn’s first.
– Lena Turvey, Productive Training



Testimonal - Jessica Donovan - Energetic Mama (2)
Testimonal - Serena Sandstrom
Testimonal - Angela Rasspass- The Captivate Program
Testimonal - Bianca Van Meeuwen - The Have It All Academy2
Testimonal - Sarah Cooper - Trailblazing Musician (1)


jodieThis course has not only helped me to identify the exact eCourse I would like to implement first, it is also helping me go through the necessary steps to make sure it’s been created to a really high level. Basically it is enabling me to create my eCourse with a tried and true formula without having to make so many mistakes along the way by going in blind.

– Jodie Preiss, Halcyon Marketing



Create your eCourse


Limited Early Sign-up Bonus's

Limited-bonusesIf you are the first person to sign up, you’ll receive a FREE Course Outline Review or Sales Page Review (your choice!) from me, Kathryn Hocking (Valued at $499).

If you are the second person to sign-up you will receive a 60min brand (re)alignment session with branding guru Ellissa Jayne. Ellissa will review your main business and planned eCourse brand and provide you with an overall strategy to create an effective and memorable eCourse brand (Valued at $497)

If you are the third person to sign-up you will receive a PR Pro Package with Jenny Hassam of Rhetoric Communications  including a 1 hour publicity coaching and strategy session for your eCourse launch (valued at $499)

If you are the fourth person to sign-up you will receive a Sales Page Review from my copywriter Jess Larsen of Hello Wordsmith (Valued at $399)

If you are the fifth person to sign-up you will receive access to Bianca Van Meeuwen’s Have it All online Academy including the Ostrich Guide to Social Media (valued at $397)

*these bonuses are valid for six months from the start of the course round.


The eCourse Launch Formula is closed for enrollment until September 2015





circular-image-2-42-27If you’re planning at any stage to run an eCourse and are stumped on where to begin, the e-course launch formula is a must-do. Although, I’m not ready to launch my course, I now have clarity and a step-by-step plan for implementation. – Shari Brewer, Teenage Survival Coach


Earnings Disclaimer

I’ve taken every effort to accurately represent this program and its ability to grow your business and improve your life.

However there is no guarantee that you will make a profit just by doing this course. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Nothing on this site is a promise or guarantee of earnings.

Your level of success is dependent on a number of factors including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, engagement of your list and financial situation. Because these factors vary according to each individual, I cannot and do not guarantee your success, income level or ability to earn revenue.

However many participants have gone on to achieve results as outlined in the showcase.

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